Logo for TypedDict
Sep 2016


Python typechecker support for recognizing structured dictionaries with specific named keys mapped to specific value types. Ubiquitous in JSON.

Logo for Uhuru
Jan 2015


A translation assistant for reading Japanese text quickly.

Logo for Incoming (Game)
Jan 2014

Incoming (Game)

Game where you shoot bombs out of the sky before they destroy you.

Logo for RDiscount
Jan 2013


Converts Markdown text to HTML, in Ruby. Includes many useful Markdown extensions.

Logo for Website
Dec 2012


This website.

Logo for Crystal Web Archiver
Sep 2011

Crystal Web Archiver

Downloads websites in an archival-friendly format.

Logo for Burn Planner
Nov 2010

Burn Planner

Burns a series of files to multiple DVDs quickly by automatically allocating files among DVDs and naming the DVDs.

Logo for HandBrake Subtitles
Feb 2010

HandBrake Subtitles

Extends the popular HandBrake ripping and transcoding tool to enable processing subtitles from files, including the SSA subtitles found commonly in anime.

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