Picture of David Foster

Hi! My name is David Foster and my mission is to make the world a better place, through the tools of creating software and the written word.

I co-founded TechSmart, which seeks to bring world-class computer science education to K-12 students. I specifically engineer the TechSmart Platform website.

My open source contributions that are probably the most well-known include:

I was also interviewed in 2021 which shows what I was thinking about at that time.


I initially discovered computers when I was 4 and starting programming them at 6. Since then, programming has been one of my most enduring passions. Witness my large number of personal projects.

Beyond that I enjoy:

  • reading;
  • learning about languages (both spoken and programming);
  • teaching;
  • kayaking, visiting gardens; and
  • watching the occasional anime series.


Email david at this domain (dafoster.net).