RDiscount 2.1.6 released

There are several new features in RDiscount 2.1.6. My favorite is fenced code blocks.

Update to the latest version with:

gem update rdiscount

RDiscount now has feature parity with the latest Discount release.

What’s New?

  • Fenced code blocks
  • New extensions:
    • :no_superscript - Disables superscript processing.
    • :no_strikethrough - Disables strikethrough processing.
  • License changed from 4-clause BSD to the more-permissive 3-clause BSD.
  • Fix -- and --- to be converted to – and — correctly.
  • Fix handling of tables that have leading and trailing pipe characters.
  • Fix generated table of contents to be valid HTML.
    Handling of special characters in headings is also improved.
  • Fix recognition of HTML tags that contain - or _.

What’s Next?

Only David Loren Parsons knows.1 :-)

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  1. David Loren Parsons is the author and maintainer of the Discount library underlying RDiscount.