RDiscount 2.0.7 released

It has been just over two years since RDiscount 1.6.8 (the previous version) was posted.
As the new maintainer, I intend to provide updates a bit more frequently. :-)

Update to the latest version with:

gem update rdiscount

What’s New?

  • Footnotes - from PHP Markdown Extra
  • Superscript tweaks
    • Be more picky about what comes before a ^ if we’re superscripting.
    • Modify superscript grabbing so that it grabs parenthetical and alphanumeric blocks.
  • Other bug fixes
    • Table-of-contents generation will no longer crash for header items containing links.
    • Adjacent new-style [link]s are no longer incorrectly combined.

What’s Next?

RDiscount 2.1.5 will be the next release of RDiscount. Planned features include:

Who am I?

I should also introduce myself: I am David Foster, the new maintainer for RDiscount.

Since I am using RDiscount on my personal website, you can expect continued updates as major new features are introduced in the underlying Discount library.

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