How to upload from OS X Photos to Facebook (2016)

The OS X Photos program has a built-in Share button that can post selected photos directly to Facebook. However it has the following limitations:

  • Photos are not uploaded in high quality.
  • Photos are not uploaded in the correct order. Neither the order of selection nor the order the photos were taken is used exactly.
  • Photos cannot be uploaded to a new album, only an existing one.

Therefore I recommend the following procedure to upload photos from OS X Photos to Facebook:

  1. In OS X Photos, select all photos that you want to upload by holding Command and clicking each photo.

  2. From the menubar, choose: File > Export > Export N photos…

  3. In the Facebook web interface, choose “Create Album”, selecting all the photo files that you exported in the previous step.

    • Ensure the “High Quality” checkbox is checked.