Skills I'm Learning at Splunk

Technical & Tools

  • JavaScript ecosystem.
    • Enormous but highly fragmented.
    • Infrastructure for many basic things either does not exist or the community has not standardized on a particular tool.
      • Includes & Modules
        • raw <script> tags
        • node-require
        • AMD-require (require.js)
      • Class Declarations
        • too many alternatives to name
        • My favorite one actually comes from a blog post.
      • Testing
      • Code Coverage
      • Documentation
      • Lint – JSHint, JSLint
      • Minification – many choices

  • PHP ecosystem.

  • Multi-layer system design, as occurs in the new Splunk App Framework

  • GitHub.
    • Good code reviews. Not as good at Microsoft’s CodeFlow or Google’s Mondrian though.
    • Most awesome developer community I’ve ever seen.

  • StackOverflow.
    • Quickly lookup answers to technical questions.

  • JIRA.
    • A really good task tracking system.
    • Far better than the Product Studio system I used at Microsoft.


  • Tactfully give feedback (in code reviews, etc)

  • Interviewing & hiring

  • Mentoring

  • Talking with customers
    • I was a booth guy at the 2012 Splunk .conf conference.
    • I have some friends who use Splunk too at their workplaces.


  • The difference between marketing and sales.

  • Supporting systems in production that I wrote
  • Lots of fascinating theoretical stuff from Fred, our resident ex-mathematician ex-physicist turned programmer.