David Foster


KiSSManager2 is a viewer for virtual "paper dolls" created in the Kisekae Set System (KiSS). I originally developed this program to try my hand at a sprite animation system (with an integrated scripting language). This program consists of 5,500 lines of code (LOC).


This program supports:
  • dragging cells (sprites) of several formats:
    • 4-bit and 8-bit standard cells
    • KiSS/GS1-4 cells
    • 32-bit CherryKiSS cells
    • cells that specify a custom palette
  • FrenchKiSS (FKiSS) 1, 2, and 2.1 scripting support
    • detailed error/warning reporting
  • playing WAV and MIDI files

FKiSS 4 support was planned and partially implemented but never completed.


Previous major versions of this project include:
  • KiSSManager (~2,100 LOC)
  • KiSSSprites (~2,400 LOC)
  • KiSSViewer

The very first version of this program, KiSSViewer, was originally written in C. All other versions are in Java.