David Foster

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I have been a part of RoboJackets IGVC since coming to Georgia Tech in 2005. Initially, I started as IGVC's lead programmer, responsible for getting all devices on the robot talking to the laptop and processing images from the camera.

In 2007 my role on the team was Integration and Telemetry Lead, making me responsible for defining teamwide coding standards and communication protocols, integrating the modules developed by different team members, and coordinating communication between the team divisions.

An identified orange & white construction barrel
A barrel and its bounding box, as identified by my barrel finding algorithm.

Vision Algorithms

To help develop vision algorithms, I created a prototyping program called ImageFilterDemo. With this program I implemented not only several well-known algorithms, such as Gaussian blur and the Hough transform, but also a few of my own custom algorithms, such as an orange & white construction barrel finder.

Club Services

I also helped set up a wiki for RoboJackets IGVC. It has information about our team, its activities, and any robotics-related research that it has done.

I also pioneered the use of version control (specifically Subversion) to make it easier to track changes to our robot's code and to simplify collaborative development of the code.

Initially the wiki and version control system were intended to just be for the RoboJackets IGVC team, but both were later adopted by the other teams in RoboJackets as general club services.